Moth Transmissions

Moth Transmissions gracefully blends vertical dance and experimental digital video practice with an electronically rendered soundscape that explores the camouflaging quality of moths in their natural landscapes. Large hooded capes with photo-transcribed images of moth markings are worn by the artists, and they blend and disappear into the trees and surrounding environment. The moth capes were designed based on the Sand  Verbena Moth, an endangered coastal moth found in only three sites in BC and a few sites on Washington’s NW Coast.

Moth Transmissions is an extension of an intriguing and experiential new site-work called Habitats & Camouflage, a collaborative work between Sarah Fuller (Visual Artist, Winnipeg MB), Julia Taffe (Artistic Director, Aeriosa Dance Society, Ucluelet/Vancouver BC), and Keri Latimer (Sound Artist, Winnipeg MB).

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Copy of Moth Transmissions PRESS RELEASE