Aeriosa and Habitats and Camouflage

Habitats and Camouflage is a new site-specific dance production choreographed by Julia Taffe and created in collaboration with visual artist Sarah Fuller. Habitats and Camouflage continue some of the threads in Sarah’s earlier photo and video series Experiments in Landscape and Camouflage.

Presented by Aeriosa, the Habitats and Camouflage dance performance is inspired by the endangered Sand Verbena Moth, a Vancouver Island species which depends exclusively on the Yellow Sand Verbena Flower as food and habitat throughout their life cycle. Dancing on the beach, Aeriosa artists will embody the Sand Verbena moth, wearing transformative cloaks created by Sarah.

Aeriosa will be rehearsing Habitats and Camouflage in the North Chesterman Beach area from April 27th to May 3rd and May 24th to May 28th. The world premiere performances will be presented free to the public as part of the First Tofino Tree Festival on May 29th. Showtime TBA.

More information about Camouflage can be found on Sarah Fuller’s website.