We would like to acknowledge our funders, sponsors, donors and community partners for supporting the Tofino Tree Festival.

We acknowledge the support of the province of British Columbia.

Aeriosa is proud to be a ƛaɁuukwiath Tribal Parks Alliance member.
Tribal Parks Allies is a certification standard that recognizes participating businesses operating in ƛaɁuukwiath Tribal Parks as supporters of the land- and community-visions articulated by the ƛaɁuukwiath First Nation. Participating businesses uphold the ecosystems maintained and protected by ƛaɁuukwiath Guardians and Membership by complying with our certification criteria. The spirit and intent of Tribal Parks Allies is to strengthen relationships between all who live within our Tribal Parks, delivering mutual benefits, and moving towards reconciliation, resilience, and abundance.

Aeriosa wishes to acknowledge that the Tofino Tree Festival is an event that is being held on the traditional lands of the ƛaɁuukwiath First Nation. And we recognize that:

The ƛaɁuukwiath First Nation carefully manages its Ha’huulthii and continues to protect essential ecosystem services;

Our business operates within the Ha’huulthii, benefitting from the stewardship the ƛaɁuukwiath continue to assert over the lands and waters our clients come to experience;

Use of the Ha’huulthii bears economic, social, cultural, and ecological costs, which are borne inequitably by the First Nation and exacerbate the need for an effective Tribal Parks Guardians Program,

We wish to contribute as partners to the stewardship of the Tribal Parks by becoming certified Tribal Parks Allies and meeting the following Certification Criteria:

  • Acknowledge the unceded Rights and Title of the ƛaɁuukwiath First Nation
  • Advocate for and accurately portray First Nations stewardship in all media
  • Include the Tribal Parks Allies logo in publicity and promote Tribal Parks media
  • Maintain business practices which comply with Tribal Parks Land Vision and Plans
  • Report territorial concerns (eg. Poaching, dumping) to Tribal Parks Staff
  • Educate self, staff, and guests about local history, politics, reconciliation, and Allies