Tofino Tree Festival

May 24-30, 2022

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The Tofino Tree Festival is a week long event celebrating the importance and unique beauty of Trees, Forests and Nature found here on the West Coast of Vancouver Island (Clayoquot Sound).

There is a deep understanding of the importance that trees and nature bring to the well-being, happiness and inspiration of the local community and the many visitors that come to Tofino each year and they play a very important role in inspiring artists in creative, written, spoken and performance arts. This new festival will seek to champion that through our diverse artistic programme and festival ethos.

Being organized by Aeriosa Dance Society (a registered non profit) this event will host a variety of workshops, presentations, concerts and performances celebrating all art forms as well as be informative and educational about the history, nature and importance of forests found here on the west coast. The programme will feature Tree Dancing workshops (offering participants the opportunity to practise Vertical Dance amongst the trees) alongside public dance performances developed and premiered by Aeriosa dancers as well as a host of nature inspired events in partnership with local community groups and organizations.

Aeriosa is a BC dance company that melds artistic practice, athletic discipline and thoughtful risk management. Aeriosa creates unexpected experiences of dance by allowing dancers to inhabit public space and create choreography in relation to architecture and landscape thereby exploring wild environments as dramatic stages for live dance. Aeriosa’s founder and Artistic Director Julia Taffe has been part of the west coast community since 2011 and has been an integral part of the arts community ever since. She has been a board member and vice president for Tofino Arts Council, has delivered performances for the general public and offered workshops and other educational activities in dance and performing arts that embrace our founding principles of diversity and inclusion. Aeriosa has a history of intercultural collaboration with various Northwest Coast First Nations dance groups and individuals, delivering public performances and community workshops that are unique, vibrant and inspiring.

Aeriosa upholds the principle that the ecosystems in Clayoquot Sound are maintained and protected by ƛaɁuukwiath Guardians and Tribal Parks Alliance. The spirit and intent of Tribal Parks Allies is to strengthen relationships between all who live within our Tribal Parks, delivering mutual benefits, and moving towards reconciliation, resilience, and abundance.